Catholic moms joined in prayer for our college-age students
Catholic moms joined in prayer for our college-age students

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Praying College Moms is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) religious organization that provides outreach and resources to mothers of college-aged children. The Praying College Moms local groups provide invaluable service in their faith communities, such as mentorship, encouragement, perspective, resources and networking with others who are going through the same experiences. In addition to our Bible study and prayer groups, we have socials and activities to deepen our friendships so our members can join together for a strength of purpose. Join us in our prayer for our college students: "They are our future and they need our united prayers that God will strengthen them and give them the grace to stand for all that is good and true on campus."


We pray for our children who are on a new journey in their lives--may they be safe and successful, living their lives with dignity and honor, being true to the values taught by their families and having the courage to share their trust in God with all those they encounter.

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PCM RETREAT: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16; 8:30AM-3:30PM. Mt. Tabor Retreat House, Vienna, VA. "Lessons from Martha and Mary; Balancing Prayer with Life." Click here for more information and pre-registration:  


. . . And So We Pray - Guidance for Moms With College-Aged Young Adults, Praying College Moms third book in the  . . .And So We Pray series is available now. 


As mothers, we want to activate the most powerful weapon imaginable to help our children succeed in their college-aged years. That weapon is prayer. ...And So We Pray will help you pray in a deep and meaningful way through this time of transition by providing you with thought-provoking, faith-based, real-life applications to contemporary issues that you and your young adult may face during the exciting, and sometimes challenging, college years and beyond.


Written by Maribeth Harper and with a foreward by Rev. Paul Scalia, this book can be ordered from Amazon at:

. . . And So We Pray Book Order



PCM MONTHLY ROSARIES: ONCE A MONTH, PCM sponsors a PCM ROSARY at a Diocesan Parish. Place your cares, concerns, and aspirations for our young adults in the compassionate arms of Mother Mary, with a contemplative recitation of the Holy Rosary. We pray for OVER 500 college age young adults, whether they are in college, the Military, taking a gap year for study/internship/or vocational discernment, in a technical training program, grad school, or just working. Email for more info or to submit your student's name for prayer.  Next Rosary:


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The Praying College Moms (PCM) App is now available for download on your mobile device.

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Thank you to all who contributed to the PCM December 2017 record-breaking collection of gift cards for Catholic Charities

And So We Pray Book Series / Blog

". . . And So We Pray, Guidance for Moms With College-Aged Young Adults" is now available!  Author Maribeth Harper's third book in the . . . And So We Pray series, written for the Praying College Moms, helps mothers pray in a deep and meaningful way through a young adult's time of transition. Maribeth also has a Blog to share her inspirational stoiries and thoughts and to answer questions.

Events/ Volunteer

Join PCM at our monthly Rosaries and group meetings and social events.

Care Packages for Homeless College Students

PCMs prepare and deliver Care Packages to homeless college students (paid for by Guardian Angels - people who generously donate money to these deserving students).  These  students are selected by organizations dedicated to serving and supporting homeless college students. The PCM Care Packages are full of treats, useful items and fun inspiration, all blessed by our Care Package Team.

PCM Group Meeting Locations

Our groups are open to praying moms of college-age (ranging from high school students to sons/daughters working/living on their own) of all faith denominations.  Through mutual support, prayer and friendship, the groups are pillars of strength and an indispensable resource for women at this stage in life.

Start A PCM Group

If a Praying College Moms group is not in your Parish or area - We can help you with support and resources to start a group!

Sharing Grace  Through Prayer

In addition to PCM's monthly ministries and our book series, And So We Pray, we support moms in their developing prayer life. Prayer and meditation opportunities in the Northern  Virginia region, as well as prayers submitted by our moms are found on this page.  PCM is at the forefront with embracing various types of prayer practices to deepen one's prayer life.

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Resources For Parents of College Age Children and PCM Group Leaders


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Upcoming Events:  Check PCM EVENTS for additional events!


PCM YEARLY RETREAT: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 16; 8:30AM-3:30PM. Mt. Tabor Retreat House, Vienna, VA. "Lessons from Martha and Mary; Balancing Prayer with Action." Click here for more information and pre-registration:  


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PCM is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) public charity organization, is qualified to receive tax deductible gifts and donations and is classified as a public charity. Please support PCM in its mission to provide outreach and resources to mothers of college-aged children.

The Catholic Door offers the Praying College Moms And So We Pray Book Series and other Catholic resources: The Catholic Door

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